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There are far more important things to focus on in your life and pain should not prevent you from going about your daily activities and obligations. Our entire staff is dedicated to improve your quality of life.


Patients in our practice include accident and trauma victims, orthopedic injuries, “wear and tear” injuries, degenerative changes, before or after surgery and pregnancy (especially for low back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome).


Each patient is treated for their individual needs even with the same diagnosis. At the time of consultation, you will be provided with a diagnosis and treatment plan which will be discussed and explained to you.


We treat injuries of the spine, joints, muscles, tendons and nerves. We specialize in the areas of neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, sports injury, orthopedic injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and age related problems.


If physical therapy is medically indicated, Dr. Shapiro will meet frequently and work together with the physical therapist to formulate and discuss your ongoing care.


Recovering from an injury is never easy, but we will do everything that we possibly can to make the road of your recovery easier for you. We will always put forth our best efforts to return you to your previous level of work and function.

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